The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Digital Marketing Careers

Do you want to start a freelancing career?
Do you want to start a business in digital marketing? If yes, the article is for you. It is going to explain the fundamentals of marketing, traditional versus digital marketing, CATT marketing funnel, integrated digital marketing, personal branding, communication skills, economic growth(basics), and financial goal.

The digital era has not only changed how people interact with each other in their personal lives but also the way businesses operate. This means that you can no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to market your business in today’s world.

What is marketing?

“Marketing is fundamentally about understanding customers in order to develop products and services that meet needs”

Philip Kotler

Marketing is both an art and a science. As Philip Kotler says, businesses must identify customer needs to develop products or services that will be of use to them. If the company has a great product or service that meets the customer’s need, then the marketing campaign will be successful.

1) The fundamentals of marketing:

The principles of marketing are always the same. When a product is being introduced, there are four main parts to marketing. Those four parts are product, price, promotion, and place.

4P’s of marketing

First, you need to identify customer needs.
For example, in the restaurant business, customers may want a place they can eat and drink at a reasonable price.
If your product or service doesn’t meet this need, they will shop elsewhere.
Second, you need to develop the product or service.
You must provide all the information about your product

Third, you need to promote it in a way that they will find it easily. Fourth, you should estimate the price of your products and services. Fifth, you should identify the right location for selling your product or service.

If you’ve grasped the fundamentals of marketing, then you can apply your knowledge to any medium–online or offline.

2) Digital marketing versus Traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing is offline marketing. Offline marketing includes TV, radio, magazine, outdoor advertising, newspaper, etc.

  • Traditional marketing is a great way to reach a lot of people. However, it can be hard for the audience to pay attention because they are exposed to constant advertising. To create customer awareness with traditional marketing takes large budgets; therefore, you need to use it wisely and carefully.
  • By using traditional marketing, you cannot measure customer purchasing action.
  • Through this method, you cannot retarget customers.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is online marketing. Online marketing includes SEO(Search engine optimization), SEM(Search engine marketing), SMO(Social media optimization), Email marketing, Content marketing.

The advantages of digital marketing:

  • Identifying a target audience is easy.
  • The customer’s action is measurable. For example, if you have a quality product with quality content on your website, then the customer can visit the website and through this, the visitors can take any action on the website and those actions are measurable.
  • You can retarget your customers. For example, a customer browsed the eCommerce website and searched for products but didn’t purchase anything. You can retarget that customer with ads.
  • The marketing concept is the same. But here, the only changing thing in marketing is a medium(traditional or digital).

3) CATT Marketing Funnel:

What is CATT?
C – Content
A- Attention
T – Trust
T- Transaction

“CATT = Content>Attention>Trust>Transaction”

Deepak Kanakaraju

CATT is a market funnel framework. It can be applied to any business product or service to convince the customer. To get wealth from the CATT funnel below is the formula.

“Wealth = n^CATT”

Deepak Kanakaraju

Niche selection(n): Niche is the specified target area to provide better service.
How to choose the right niche?
For example, you are a content writer. You are experienced in writing articles related to technology. You have the talent for conveying your message to the right audience. Having talent is not enough. You must have a passion for writing and marketing your skills as well.

Content: Content is the primary element in online marketing. It is the best asset for any product or service.

  • The content may be a blog post.
  • The content may be a video.
  • The content may be a live webinar.
  • The content may be a pdf guide that means a lead magnet.

If you provide valuable content on your blog, then it creates the magic to attract visitors. Content marketing is the king of all marketing tactics because it attracts more traffic and increases your conversion rate.

Attention: For example, you created valuable content for your blog, video, webinar, and lead magnet. You need to promote your valuable content through SEO (search engine optimization), PPC ads (pay-per-click advertising), social media platforms, and referrals to get the traffic.

So once your content meets the customer expectations, then customers become your leads.

Trust: Building trust is not an easy task. You have to build trust with your leads through marketing automation. That means you have to create a series of automated emails to gain the lead’s trust.

Transaction: As a marketer, you need to build trust with your leads to make them feel comfortable. This can be done by sending the right message and providing content that matches their needs. The next step is for the customer to take further action and become a premium customer lifetime.

4) Integrated Digital Marketing:

In integrated digital marketing, all the online marketing channels work together to achieve good results. In this integrated digital marketing, content is the king. The remaining digital channels like SEO, social media, paid, and Email works with the king(content).

Integrated digital marketing

Content(The King):

“Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life”

Avinash Kaushik

Quality content with the right message will build trust between you and the customer. The content helps you to build a strong brand in the search engine. Content is the primary key to market your products or services. You can make the content into different forms.

For example, you have written a great article on Content marketing strategies. You post this article in your blog, and also you make that content into different formats like you can prepare an infographic, video, pdf, podcast, etc.

Social Media: Social media platforms help you to build a brand for your product or services. Most people are on social media platforms to share their thoughts. You can share the content on social media. And also, you can put the social sharing buttons on your blog. It helps to increase your presence on social media platforms. You can run ads on social media platforms to increase followers and engagement.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization): SEO is comprised of two factors. On-page SEO refers to the changes made to a website’s code to give search engines what they are looking for. Off-page SEO refers to outreach methods used outside of the site to increase visibility.

Paid Ads: For example, you have great content on your blog. You can run PPC ads on search engines like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and display ads to drive traffic to your website. Once the audience engages with your content, they can take further action like subscribing to your newsletter and downloading a pdf of the article.

Email Marketing: Email list building is an essential factor in email marketing. Most of the subscribers will come through your website content, so you can start engaging with them by sending automated emails. Email marketing helps to build a strong bond between you and the customer. And also, you can make existing customers into premium customers by email marketing.

Sell and Convert: Through email marketing automation, most of the active leads can able to purchase your product or service.

5) Personal Branding:

Personal branding is vital for every digital marketer. To start branding yourself, you must consider the below factors.

Personal Branding

Learn – First, you have to learn the skill.
Work – Second, you have to implement it on real-world projects whatever you learned.
Blog – Third, you have to post articles of your thoughts and experiments on the projects.
Consult – Fourth, if you get full-fledged experience on a particular skill, then you can start guiding other people.
Mentor – Fifth, you can start mentoring the people who want to learn the skills.
Start-Up – Sixth, you can build the product and start selling.

It’s a continuous process. It’s a circular motion like it starts with learning, work, blog, consult, mentor, start-up, and it can’t end.

The below factors are also vital in your digital marketing career. Those are:

6) Communication skills:

Communication is a skill that everyone should use to better convey information to their target audience. It is a simple language, but it can be very effective when used properly. The best way to improve communication skills is by practicing often.

7) Economy Growth:

Economic Growth

Understanding each country’s economic growth is also cardinal. It helps to launch your business in a particular country.

So the economic growth relies on the transactions between buyers and sellers. In this transaction, the buyer takes out debt while the seller gives credit. The country’s economy grows when there are more transactions than bargains. More debt is vital to generating economic growth in a country.

A household thrives when the income is more than the amount of debt. This allows them to spend money without worrying about their ability to pay it back in time, which in turn helps the economy grow.

If the buyer, household expenditure is less than debt will be less as well the country’s economy goes down.

If you understand the economy of a country, then you can do better marketing for your product or service.

8) Financial Goal:

Creating a financial goal is essential to marketing your product. First, you must recognize the niche of your target market. After determining this, you can develop your product and begin marketing.

For example, my financial goal is 2crore in one year. First, I will start at a low price to attract more customers. I will begin with my product price rs.200 then, I will get 1,00,000 customers. So I have 1,00,000 existing customers now. I believe that my business will get 10,000 customers if I raise the price to Rs.2,000. Next, I would acquire 1,000 customers if I raise the price to Rs.20,000/- Finally, I will obtain 100 audiences when I raised the price to Rs.20000/-.

Financial goal

It is possible to gain customers for your business when you set up the proper financial goals.


Marketing has an along-shelf career. It is the best career option to start a career in digital marketing.

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